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M.Sc Thesis by Ali, Alhaji Ali – April 2019


This study examined the Effects of Land Degradation between Farmers-Herdsmen Conflicts in Konduga LGA, Borno State, Nigeria. The population of the study was thirteen thousand four hundred (13,400) Farmers and Herdsmen in Konduga LGA in Borno State. A purposive sampling technique was used to select the respondents for the study. The sample size for this study was six hundred and seventy (670) respondents. A sample size of about 5% of the farmers and herdsmen population was therefore considered appropriate for this study (Nworgu, 2006).
Techniques used for the primary data collection include structured questionnaires and oral/key-informant interview and direct observation. In all, a total of six hundred and seventy (670) copies of questionnaire were administered in the ten communities of Konduga Local Government of Borno State. The hypothesis stated for the study was; there is no significant difference between the effects of land degradation and causes of Farmers- Herdsmen conflicts in Konduga LGA in Borno state. ANOVA was used to test the hypothesis formulated at 0.05 level of significance. The research result reveals that the Fcal calculated value (f= 3.92; Critical value of 3.89) which implies that there is a significant difference between effects of land degradation and causes of conflicts between farmers and herdsmen. The persistent farmers-herders conflicts in Konduga LGA had claimed several human and animal lives which were often unreported. The underlying causes of the conflicts between the farmers and herdsmen had no root in politics. The conflict was mainly due to ecological factors. The study therefore suggested that there was the need by the government and all the stakeholders to adopt strategic and multi-disciplinary approach to end the conflicts otherwise the conflict is capable of threatening food and national security. The research recommends the establishment of both private and public cattle ranches for herdsmen to avoid future conflicts between the farmers and herdsmen in the study area and also there is need for government to grant soft loans for herdsmen to build ranches to reduce incidence of clashes.

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