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M.SC Thesis by Omole, Oluyomi Olumide – April 2019


This study appraised the Level of Awareness and Factors Affecting Enrolment of Health Insurance Scheme amongst selected University Staff in Enugu State. The objectives of this study were to examine the level of awareness of health insurance scheme amongst university staff in Enugu state, to examine the level of enrolment and factors affecting enrolment of health insurance scheme amongst university staff in Enugu state. Three universities were selected purposively for this study using the following criteria: one Federal, one State and one Private University. Namely these were: University of Nigeria Enugu Campus (UNEC), Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT), and Renaissance University (RNU), all in Enugu state. The population size of the three Universities in Year 2018 was 4056 University staff, while the sample size for this study was 200 University staff selected proportionately from each of the three Universities. Thus, ESUT contributed 91, UNEC contributed 75 and RNU contributed 34 respondents that make up the sample population of 200 university staff for this study. This figure (5%) was in accord with Nworgu (2006), that a sample size of about 5% of population is appropriate for such a study. Data for the study were collected using structured questionnaires randomly and administered as well as Data collected were analyzed and presented in frequency tables and bar charts. ANOVA was used to test the hypothesis that; there is no significant difference in the level of awareness and the level of enrolment of health insurance scheme amongst University staff in Enugu State at 0.05 level of significance. The analysis results shown that From the F- ratio distribution table, the critical value of F with 2 and 18 degrees of freedom at 0.05 level of significance is (3.55). Since the Fcal calculated value of (3.98) is greater than the critical value of (3.55), the null hypothesis was rejected. Therefore, there is a significant difference between level of awareness and level of enrolment of health insurance scheme amongst the university staff of Enugu state. The results also revealed that the university staff in Enugu State were aware of health insurance scheme to a great extent, But despite this high level of awareness, enrolment of health insurance scheme were still very low amongst Universities Staff in Enugu State which was also in agreement with the findings of Ndie, (2013). Their reasons for not yet enrolled for the scheme were due to inadequate understanding of how the scheme functions and also health insurance were not mandatory amongst University Staff. The mode of healthcare financing amongst university staff was largely out-of-pocket payments which was equally noted in Agba, (2010). The University staff were of the opinion that Lack of compulsory government insurance policy, inadequate spatial distribution of healthcare facilities, Lack of sensitization workshop by health insurance providers, inadequate knowledge of the potential benefits, mode of operation of the scheme, Location and relative distance of accredited health insurance scheme to users were some of the factors affecting enrolment for health insurance scheme amongst university staff in Enugu state. Therefore, the research recommends a massive and far reaching enlightenment workshop to educate the University Staff in Enugu State on how the scheme functions and the benefits there in. Compulsory enrolment into health insurance scheme should be instituted for all university staff in Enugu state, this was equally suggested in (Haraldson, 2005; Andrew, 2007). This will further increase the level of enrolment and by implication reduce out-of-pocket expenditure on healthcare amongst staff.

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