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The Department of Geography and Meteorology started in the then Anambra State University of Technology (ASUTECH) in 1982, between 1982 and 1992, it existed under the pluridisplinary Department of Urban and Regional Planning & Geography & Meteorology. Consequently on the demerging of the parent Department (URP and Geo&Met) in 1991 following the NUC and professional bodies’ advice; the Department of Geography and Meteorology came up as a full fledged independent department in the University. It was also in the year 1991 that Enugu, Ebonyi and Anambra States were created by the military Regime, resulting in the creation of three different Universities in those states. Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT) therefore came into existence as a metamorphosed tertiary institution of the former Anambra State University of Technology (ASUTECH)

The department runs a four- year undergraduate academic programmes leading to the award of baccalaureate (B.Sc.) Degree in Geography & Meteorology. The programme is designed to equip the graduates with the essential concepts, theories and practical’s tools to use and sustainably manage the geospatial and Environmental problems of our present day society. In order to achieve these goals many cognate courses from environmental, social and physical Science courses are incorporated in the undergraduate curriculum to offer the graduates a very strong foundation in handling the geo-spatial and environmental problems of our contemporary society.

  The courses being offered are broadly divided into three areas, viz (i) Elective courses (ii) Geography courses (iii) Climatology and      Meteorology courses. The undergraduate students are advised to take all the compulsory elective courses as well as Geography and Meteorology in line with his/her area of interest.

The department equally hosts the Environmental Management and control Unit of the facully which runs Postgraduate programme, leading to PGD, M.Sc and Ph.D  degres in Environmental Management and control.   She has coordinated this programme since  its  inception in  1991  and  has produced many postgraduates  at the various  levels  of  PGD, M.Sc and Ph.D. lt  is  of interest to  note that many of them have already  advanced  to  professors,  senior  academics and  management  staff  of  various institutions and establishments in the country and beyond.

   The number of staff has grown steadily from 5 in 1982 to 11 full time academic and technical staff, besides adjunct and associate staff.


The vision is to become a reputable department that provides high quality teaching and research using state-of-the-art technologies including Information and Communication Technology (ICT) at higher level on the Science of Geography, Meteorology, and Environmental Management.


The mission is to provide world class training on the use of Geography, Meteorology, and Environmental Management, in order to solve environmental problems, as well as uplift the University’s image both nationally and internationally, as a Centre of Excellence in training of qualified personnel at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

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